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  • Ralphy
    Posted on:
    8th Dec 2010 12:39pm

    Last Post 17th May 2012
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    Australian culture being lost

    Let me start by saying that I am in no way a bigot nor do I discriminate against any race or culture. So saying that, why is that we Australians are losing our culture and traditions? Why do we have to stop saying Merry Christmas because it offends the religion of immigrants who choose to move to our "lucky conutry"? why are we the ones who have to be careful not to offend immigrants and their religions? how is it that our traditions are being thrown out the window for fear that we are discriminating against others? Didn't these other's chose to come and live in our great conutry? doesn't that mean that what they saw here was inspiring enough that they wanted to move here? So why now that they are here do they wish to change it to what it is liek back in their own countries, those same countries they wanted to get out of? How can they expect us to have their religions and traditions forced down our throats whilst ignoring ours? why is it ok for us to go to their countries and we have to abide by their traditions and culture and god help you if you don't but we have to acede to their wants and needs here. Really, why change what Australia is all about ??? if it is that bad, why move here in the first place. Seriously, if you don't liek the way we celebrate Christmas, Easter and anything else here, then leave and go to a place where you will be happy. I guess once again it is the vocal minority that the government listen to.. I would say Merry Christmas but I may offend someone sorry... So happy holidays all - That's just wrong.... Reply

  • Jess25
    Posted on:
    18th Dec 2010 04:53pm

    Jess25 says: I'm with you Ralphy,
    I'm all for sharing Australia and all that it offers but I also do not understand why people want to live here if not to embrace our Aussie ways and the way we live, surely our way of life/culture is the reason people choose to come to Australia and be part of this fantastic country and embrace our unique way of life. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas because anyone that is offended by someone wishing them well just doesn't get it.

  • kattjovi
    Posted on:
    21st Dec 2010 07:47pm

    kattjovi says: I think that if you are going to live here, then you should embrace our culture. I think that on the whole Australians are quite happy to respect other people's cultures, but they should also respect ours. We don't stop Hindus from celebrating Diwali or Jewish people from celebrating Hanukah, so why should we stop celebrating things like Xmas?

  • MarioMac
    Posted on:
    20th Apr 2011 07:32am

    kattjovi says: I think that if you are going to live here, then you should embrace our culture. I think that on the whole Australians are quite happy to respect other people's cultures, but they should also...

    MarioMac says: kattjovi you just hit the nail on the head! As a teacher these celebrations (even mothers & fathers days) are a mine field! If classes have a mixed culture the the teacher should embrace ALL the students celebrations. I'm sure parents would embrace the knowlege & oppurtunity to share parts of their culture. It also helps embrace understanding and tolerance.

  • didi
    Posted on:
    27th Dec 2010 04:45pm

    didi says: Couldn't have said it better. my daughter just got back from a muslim country, was told what to wear, what not to talk about so not to ofend the people, she was happy to abid by their customs,as she was a guest in the country.,
    If they dont like our way, dont come,

  • Phoenixarizona
    Posted on:
    18th Mar 2011 07:10pm

    Phoenixarizona says: Hi Ralphy,
    I actually live in a suburb that is highly populated by Aarabic and muslim culture. Still every year the council puts up a christmas tree even though the majority of the community population don't celebrate christmas.
    I do believe that if they don't like it go away, problem is these people have nowhere to go.
    See the majority of the immigrant population are not running from their culture but running from a war or dictatorship (which is why we have to abide by their laws when in their countries because their laws are unfair) and us Aussies being the lucky country say "come live here and live the australian dream".
    I think that if Australia is to become truly culturally diverse, as it so claims to be. Australia needs to celebrate ALL cultures and not stop celebrating the different events within these different cultures. Basically we should celerate christmas and we should celebrate Eid (sort of the muslim version of christmas).
    All australians need to change their attitudes because quite frankly it's not the anglo saxons place to say "if you don't like this country get out" because the anglo saxon community are descendants of immigrants and prisoners alike. So instead of saying "get out" why not say "let's celebrate all cultures together"?
    Aussie culture isn't being lost, no way mate. It is the aussie way to be laid back, it's also a form of aussie mateship to not want others to feel bad because of who they are or what culture they are in. So why not celebrate all culture? I know muslims who wish me a happy easter why dont us anglos wish them a happy Eid?

  • sheeby
    Posted on:
    27th Apr 2011 06:20pm

    sheeby says: Hi All,
    It's fine to say "celebrate all customs and religions" but in reality this does not mean that the different cultures will react in any different way. Human nature and learnt behaviour are factors to be addressed as well. If we can teach our kids young, you still have adults who will reject the ideas BUT you will have planted a seed in the kids mind as to what they will think and decide. Long live the "Merry Christmas" and our "HO HO HO"

  • heeleen
    Posted on:
    9th May 2011 01:28pm

    heeleen says: I agree with you as do many others, there are certain cultures that just do not fit or assilimate with western ways , I for one do not understand why they choose to live here when they dont like our ways, culture, religions, beliefs whatever, are they just moving to other countries to one day take them over. I do not understand why the government cannot see what the people want, why do they not listen to us, they can see some types of multicultureism has not worked in other countries why do they think it will work here. Silly

  • paradox
    Posted on:
    25th Nov 2011 09:04pm

    paradox says: Hi ralphy, I came from Germany 46 years ago and I can tell you honestly that I had no idea what the Australian culture was. Truly I still haven’t a clue how to define our culture. I love this Country with all my heart and no matter what, Australia will always be first. We are I think on the whole a Christian people from many lands. I was castigated, called all sorts of derogatory names and ridiculed in my initial years in Aussie. By making friends and integrating with the population I have come to know many good and loving Australians that have made it easy for me to choose Australia as my new homeland. I am proud to be of German origin and will never deny my heritage. My whole family (5 of us) migrated 46 years ago and we now number (3 generations) around 35. So now there are an extra 35 true blue Aussies that you will have to put up with. Mateship is not exclusive to Aussie and can be found all over the world and does not define a culture. However I am in agreement with you that if you do not like our principal believes and goals go home wherever that may be. Live and let live is a good description of us as a nation and fiercely competitive to boot.

  • Scribbly Gum
    Scribbly Gum
    Posted on:
    24th Apr 2012 03:22pm

    paradox says: Hi ralphy, I came from Germany 46 years ago and I can tell you honestly that I had no idea what the Australian culture was. Truly I still haven’t a clue how to define our culture. I love this...

    Scribbly Gum says: People who are born in or migrate to this country should always be proud of their heritage because this migration goes right back to 1788. Are the dispossessors feeling that they are being dispossessed?

  • sherri
    Posted on:
    30th Nov 2011 02:14pm

    sherri says: Why do we behave as if changing language and culture is a new thing?...or a bad thing? Or is it that the pace of change is so rapid now that we are reeling a little and feel that we are losing the fundamentals of who we are in the midst of all tht change?

    I don't know the answer to any of that, but I DO know that no-one can FORCE me to say 'Happy Holidays' - particularly given that the reason that we have the holiday at all is that there was (and is) CHRIST mas!

    I know that it is not legislated that I have to become a budhist in order to show respect towards someone who is, - and Australians are still free to attend any church of their choosing on a Sunday (or Saturday) - but most don' also is their choice.

    Having said that, something inside me reels when I am invited to buy 'lose potatoes' or someone writes of 'loosing their car-keys' - perhaps that is because I expended too much energy in learning it in the first place....and I WILL NOT participate in Halloween. I am not immune to lamenting the changes... I just have to have a sharp word with myself and tell myself to 'build a bridge'.

    LET the 'vocal minority' bleat all they want -

    No -one can take away from me that which I am unwilling to give up.

  • Ralphy
    Posted on:
    8th Dec 2011 03:35pm

    Ralphy says: Well it has been some time since I have ventured onto this site and I see that my discussion has evolved into quite a few opinions.... with Christmas just around the corner, I thought that I would pop back in and throw in my 2 cents worth again...
    I agree with respecting other cultures, religions etc but why is that we "have to be so tolerant" of everyone else's religions and beliefs but it is ok for them to spit on ours? When I started this discussion, I was not referring to the many thousands who have moved to Australia and now call this great place home, but I was referring to the vocal "minority" who seem to think it is ok to preach how bad and how wrong it is here in Australia.. how dare we say Merry Christmas and put up decorations and such.... how rude of us not to change a December Australian tradition thqt dates back for who knows how long.... these vocal "minority" are who I say this to. Don't love it? leave it. and Merry Christmas, dont let the door hit you on the backside on the way out.. to the rest who maintain their own cultures and beliefs whilst respecting everyone else's.. proud to call you mate and welcome to Oz....

  • Pelly
    Posted on:
    17th May 2012 10:00pm

    Pelly says: There are a lot of positive things immigrants have brought to this country, no doubt however they have also brought ignorance, greed, racial problems and a general lack of courtesy within the community.Unfortunately this has been a result of bringing the worst from their former country's strife torn and ugly past.
    It was always only going to be a matter of time once the gates opened that the Australian way of life was going to be changed forever due to our small population.

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