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  • Ralphy
    Posted on:
    1st Dec 2010 01:04pm

    Last Post 25th Apr 2014
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    Smokers - the biggest people being discriminated against

    I am a smoker and have been since I was 15 (quite a few years now) I always said when they reach $5 I would give up but like most of us, when they go up we increase our "price" when we will quit. Look to be honest, I enjoy smoking and unless some doctor says, "Your going to die within 6 months if you don't quit." then I am likely to continue for many more years... We smokers pay through the nose for our cigarettes and so much of what we pay goes to taxes... I remember the days when you could actually have a beer and smoke in a pub at the bar, you could even sit in a restaurant and smoke... Ok I agree that smoking in restaurants should be banned as should smoking in cars with small kids... but now they are looking at banning smoking in open areas such as parks and street side cafes etc... They are saying it is bad for our health but they are making us stand in the open in the middle of winter to have a smoke... ok it's our choice to smoke but we deserve to have an area designated for us that is protected from the weather.. Why do all the non smokers get the rights? How much money is the government making from our cigraette packs? lots. More than likely responsible for upgrades to these parks and the footpaths etc that we are soon to be banned from... Now that us smokers have been relegated to the alleys and out of the way places to have our smokes, litter is increasing as there is no designated ashtrays at these sites (most of them anyway).. we are longer away from our work as we have to leave the building and walk for ever to get to an area we area allowed to smoke in, basically we are being discriminated against in a very big way, and lets be totally up front and honest about this, the government doesn't really want us to stop smoking as they are making way too much money on it... if it was as bad as they say (and I believe they only say these things and spend money on anti smoking adds etc etc to satisfy the vocal minority who will whinge about anything) then smoking would be illegal... they have the ability to make it so but they wont as long as they can get so much from the sales tax on them...

    I just think it is wrong that we can no longer have a smoke even in a beer garden whilst having a beer.... we are certainly paying for the right to smoke so we should have as many rights as anyone else....

    I will now sit back and watch the outrageous replies from those very same vocal minority whiners who would complain that the sun is too bright in summer but not bright enough in winter lol... bring it on you complainers Reply

  • Whimsy
    Posted on:
    3rd Dec 2010 02:27pm

    Whimsy says: Ralphy you are 100% correct. Discrimination towards smokers is rife. Will anything be done to stop this discrimination? Probably not. Doesn't make sense to me. Smoking is legal. Our government gives heroin addicts a safe place to inject and yet they pay no tax on their illegal heroin.

  • Jimbo
    Posted on:
    9th Dec 2010 11:26am

    Whimsy says: Ralphy you are 100% correct. Discrimination towards smokers is rife. Will anything be done to stop this discrimination? Probably not. Doesn't make sense to me. Smoking is legal. Our...

    Jimbo says: Long term smokers should get smoking aids for free!thats if the government is so concerned with our health!

  • wowgirl4
    Posted on:
    13th Dec 2010 10:19pm

    Whimsy says: Ralphy you are 100% correct. Discrimination towards smokers is rife. Will anything be done to stop this discrimination? Probably not. Doesn't make sense to me. Smoking is legal. Our...

    wowgirl4 says: Yah !! I agree give me a smoking room and and subsidised smokes like they do the junkies. Addicts we may be as smokers but they discriminate against us!!

  • trix56
    Posted on:
    16th Jan 2012 02:47pm

    Whimsy says: Ralphy you are 100% correct. Discrimination towards smokers is rife. Will anything be done to stop this discrimination? Probably not. Doesn't make sense to me. Smoking is legal. Our...

    trix56 says: Good point! Hadn't thought of that one.

  • Shay-Dee
    Posted on:
    3rd Dec 2010 05:13pm

    Shay-Dee says: Ok I totally agree with most of what you say.
    I gave up earlier this year after 29 years as a smoker.
    What I don't agree with, is that it does make people sick, and the ones it makes sick, it makes VERY sick.
    I used to think it did not affect me even until I gave up, I am a lot healthier now.
    I DO think the government should supply ashtrays in these "smoking areas" that are miles away from anything. They supply places for addicts to put their syringes, they supply places for addicts to get methadone when they are trying to quit, so why not ahstrays for smokers? Bet its cheaper too than what they do for addicts ... Thye can use the taxes they take from us to pay for it.

    And if passive smoking is bad for people, smokers are in for a right treat, cos they passive smoke as well when they are around other smokers

  • Coldan
    Posted on:
    6th Dec 2010 12:29pm

    Coldan says: as you say, if it so bad, ban it make smoking illegal, but the government won't because they make too much money, I am a smoker

  • Bigmitch
    Posted on:
    8th Dec 2010 10:19pm

    Bigmitch says: I was raised in North Carolina, tobacco-growing state.
    Tobacco was grown,cut, and dried. It was manufactured
    with no chemicals added to it. Old-timers smoked and
    lived to be 100. They never had lung cancer. But,
    manufacturers became greedy, they started adding 10000
    harmful chemicals to make people more addictive and
    cancer, and death. You don't see Governments controlling Cigarette Manufacurers because their product is harmful, do you......

  • Proteus
    Posted on:
    10th Dec 2010 12:29pm

    Proteus says: Hmm...well I have to agree with most of the comments. I'm a smoker, amd am trying to quit, but not having much luck despite trying all and many so called things to stop me smoking. I would have to say though, over the past few months I have noticed the taste in the brand of cigarette I smoke has changed, and I am starting to dislike the taste of them so have changed brands, but they still taste strange. Is this another chemnical they ahve added I wonder? If the government was serious about stopping smokers, take them off the market, ban them. If they are unwilling to do this because of the revenue raised, why don't they start doing something about the harmful chemicals being added to cigarettes?? As for not being able to have a puff in public, well that's gong too far lyes we are discriminated against for being smokers.

  • aussiewoman
    Posted on:
    11th Dec 2010 05:46pm

    aussiewoman says: hi im another one who gets quite angry with the way smokers get treated Its my choice I dont see why us smokers put up with all the sh that is said about us .There are a lot more harmful things that people do to themselves and others without ever touching a ciggie

  • livingzen
    Posted on:
    12th Jan 2011 02:10pm

    livingzen says: This is tricky. I am incredibly anti-smoking because my grandpa died of lung cancer and I have always found it hard to grapple with why people choose to smoke considering it tastes bad, looks bad, smells bad, costs a fortune and on top of all that is incredibly dangerous...BUT I am also a strong believer in people's rights and feel that though it's a choice I don't agree with, it's their choice. Much like I don't agree with the amount of horrific fat-sugar-chemical laden food I see piled into many trolllies (my own sometimes admittedly)- it's a bad choice but it's theirs and this is both the great and the sad thing about living in a free society. I think if we are really aiming for a country free of discrimination we need to work out better ways for people to be able to make the choices they want without being discriminated against but also without their choices impacting others. I guess that would require genuine democracy and that might be asking too much...

  • neenie
    Posted on:
    10th Feb 2011 02:30pm

    neenie says: all too true. i have smoked for 52 years and am now 5 days off them. ireally enjoy smoking but they are just too dear now. i waited until the patches went on pbs and got them $5.60.i really hated giving the pollies so much moey with every smoke i had.

  • Selective
    Posted on:
    19th Feb 2011 07:39am

    Selective says: I always love the smokers niggle about smoking at work right and having to conform to certain requirements to satisfy their habit which is a health risk for themselves and others not to mention a burden on the health system and a drain on the tax payer.

    Imagine if I was a compulsive knitter and I just needed to knit 5 mins 4 times during the course of my working day. Do you think it would be tolerated..... no way!

    Come on smokers..... you made a choice. You chose to smoke and now you want everybody else to pander to you. Yes the govt could do this and that. Though at the end of the day people want freedom of choice. Will a consequence is you want to smoke then yes you pay a high price for it.....being the product cost (meant to deter), health issues, employers not being supportive, non smokers being peeved.

    Grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Remember smoking doesn't just impact your health it impacts others, so if you really want to do it with no one complaining, do it within the confines of your car and home. After all you do have a choice.

  • Loz
    Posted on:
    12th Mar 2011 03:56pm

    Loz says: I am a non-smoker and agree with a lot of things you say about the govt and your rights being taken away. However, I get asthmatic from cigarette smoke, and choose to keep away from smokers and their smoke. I object strongly to having to hold my breath each time I leave a shopping centre to pass through the smoke around the doorways and entrances. I agree there should be designated areas, and the govt should put some of the money they get from tobacco taxes into them. Do smokers think it is their right to litter the roads and footpaths with their butts?

    Why are there not smoking beer gardens? Staff could be smokers and sign a waiver as to their health issues down the track and all could be happy. Fines for litterers of butts and other refuse should be enforced and ashtrays in smoking areas.

    We can't stop smokers smoking, so why not allow special areas for it in public places, so non smokers don't have to inhale?

  • gaygay55
    Posted on:
    17th Mar 2011 08:26pm

    gaygay55 says: I like you enjoy a smoke and feel really agrieved that we have been banished. I agree about restaurants etc but we need a place to have set aside for us too. Fair is fair we have rights too.

  • trinket
    Posted on:
    18th Mar 2011 03:37pm

    trinket says: My view on smoking is: do what you want to your body, just don't inflict your habit on me and be considerate of others when you smoke in public. I don't smoke - actually I can't stand cigarette smoke, and after 2 bouts of pneumonia, my lungs can't handle smog or breathing in second hand smoke. I don't hate all smokers, but I can't stand inconsiderate smokers. Inconsiderate smokers are those that smoke in a crowd of people and don't think about others around them - a considerate smoker would at least step to the side, make sure the wind isn't blowing their smoke towards others (especially kids!), and throw their buts out in a garbage bin. Also people that smoke in bus stops - particularly covered bus stops. I hate it when people light up while sitting at a bus stop and they force people who were sitting down before them, or prevent others who need to sit down, to stand up because they don't want to breath in the smoke.

    Growing up with a mother who smokes, I know better than to lecture someone about the health risks. Like I said, do what you want to your own body. Just be aware that there are other people out there who don't want to breath in smoke, and that some people can be quite affected by the smoke because they have medical conditions, etc. and think about them next time you want to light a cigarette when you're in public.

  • Lil
    Posted on:
    24th Apr 2014 03:07pm

    trinket says: My view on smoking is: do what you want to your body, just don't inflict your habit on me and be considerate of others when you smoke in public. I don't smoke - actually I can't stand cigarette...

    Lil says: Smokers can and should be able to smoke in designated areas, however, if there is a seat in any public area , street, beach, park where ever , then frequently a smoker will sit and light up, therefore excluding many of the public who just want to sit and rest without having to hold their breath or breathe in second hand smoke. The real problem is that smoke drifts about on the breezes and affects a lot more area than just where the smoker is sitting! I live in an apartment building and I can smell and breather smoke from other units when occupants are outside on their decks enjoying a cigarette. My husband has serious lung problems and has never smoked in his life, but when the above happens, we are forced to close our doors to prevent smoke entering our home. No one owns the air we breathe, but we should be mindful that smoke does not just stay in one place and can and does affect others. Let's hope a solution to this problem is found soon so everyone can enjoy their lives without the angst and negativity that is directed at smokers everywhere

  • Phoenixarizona
    Posted on:
    18th Mar 2011 05:43pm

    Phoenixarizona says: I am 100% with you mate. It's all getting beyond a joke.
    I agree we shouldn't smoke in our houses or cars if kids are going to breathe it in, only because they haven't made the choice to smoke.
    You can't smoke on a train station anymore (even out in the open).
    I remember once I was in a carpark at a shopping centre having a cigarette before getting in my car. The security guard said I had to put it out and go because I could be affecting the health of others. This enraged me. My reply was "how will it affect the health of others?" and he told me that there was not enough fresh air to 'dilute' my cigarette smoke. My reply was " if there is not enough air then why are you allowing 400 cars to park here? Don't you know that people die from carbon monoxide poisoning when they breathe in exhaust fumes? If there is not enough air for my one cigarette then maybe I should contact the authorities about the serious health hazard of this car park." Obviously the security guard left me alone.
    What makes me especially mad is the whole pub thing. The public bar was originally invented so that men could go and enjoy their brandy and cigars away from the women and children and now we have been kicked out of there.
    Now non smokers have realised that the outdoor regions in cafe's are nice and want to oust the smokers because our filthy little habit offends them? Are you serious? When will this stop?
    If the government are going to enforce us pretty much not being able to smoke anywhere then the price of cigarettes go down.
    Being addicted to cigarettes is the lesser of most addictions. When we smoke we don't become violent (like most drinkers). We won't rob a person in order to have a cigarette (like most heroin addicts) How about we leave the smokers alone!

  • Nette
    Posted on:
    15th Apr 2011 02:41pm

    Nette says: Agree totally. Smoking is an individual choice. It is Legal in Australia, so why are smokers being made to hide where they can't be seen by passing Joe Public? Fair enough in areas with kids, but why outdoors?

  • Chris
    Posted on:
    16th May 2011 09:31pm

    Chris says: I, too, am a smoker and agree wholeheartedly with Ralphy. What annoys me especially is the fact that drinking is allowed and yet not smoking. Whoever heard of a car crash being caused by smoking? Also, most airports now do not allow smoking. A few years ago when I went to the UK, Heathrow used to have a very large room dedicated to smokers but last year there were signs all over the place stating that it was illigal to smoke anywhere in the building. Goodness knows what happened to that large room which was out of the way and couldn't possibly have affected non smokers.

    I've noticed that you can't even smoke in the open air these days such as parks, beaches and the like. It's becoming quite ridiculous, who owns that air space?

  • maggie
    Posted on:
    18th May 2011 06:25pm

    maggie says: Margaret says she also has smoked for 50 years, I have tried to give up constantly but all efforts failed, they are too dear, but, it is the only "bad habit: I enjoy. I do not go to the local Club anymore as we can't sit as a group of friends, the non smokers can sit in comfort inside whilst us social lepers have to sit out on the balcony in all weathers

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