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  • Anonymous
    Posted on:
    25th May 2007 01:18pm

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    Mobile phones

    Our first topic is about something many of us would rather live without, but double back home to get if we leave them behind. Mobile phones.

    We'd like to know your thoughts on mobiles phones and their usage. Things like when you should or shouldn't use them, what time is too late to call someone and when is it appropriate or inappropriate to text or call. Reply

  • Jacob971
    Posted on:
    28th May 2007 10:08pm

    Jacob971 says: These days I don't think there are many times when you shouldn't use them... Perhaps if you are alone with someone, or on a date though.

    I've always thought that after 9pm is too late to call somebody, unless they are family or you know them really well. However I don't think there is ever a time when it is inappropriate to text somebody. A phone call demands that the recipent has to reply, but with a text they can choose to wait until morning if it is incovinient for them.

  • hoges
    Posted on:
    5th Jun 2007 06:38pm

    hoges says: A text message just to say hi is so annoying. People really need to call at that time.

  • Blackbird
    Posted on:
    7th Jun 2007 07:27am

    Blackbird says: My daughter was attacked on the train a couple of weeks ago while I was at the station in the car waiting to collect her. When the train did not turn up and I got a call from an unknown mobile no at 12.42 AM I was very very glad that we have mobile phones as intrusive as they can be.
    I think it is just down to common courtesy and also yourself., if you are not waiting for a call etc etc then put it on vibrate. If u don't want friends texting at 3am drunk etc, turn it off till the moring.
    MObile phones have saved many a day for me!!!! :)

  • nomad
    Posted on:
    7th Jun 2007 02:27pm

    nomad says: I always try to call the person if they are available instead of putting the details in a sms about anything that should be asked in person. As I feel putting stuff that should be asked verbally in a sms is just wrong, rude and lazy. Or if you do need to ask it in a text because you can't bring ytourself to ask it in person or over the phone then you are just gutless and shouldn't bother asking then as it is inappropriate in my books to do that the person thats on the recieving end.

  • Hannie
    Posted on:
    8th Jun 2007 11:43am

    Hannie says: Usually those txt's that should be a phone call end up in a phone call for me.

  • Z
    Posted on:
    11th Jul 2007 08:47pm

    Z says: I think that when you are out with family or people who arent considered good friends its is probably inappropraite to be texting others. It makes people feel uncomfortable and not important and its just rude. I think that texting people in the middle of the night for no other reason except for saying hi is rather rude as well, but if it was some sort of emergency or you knew that the person you were texting was also awake then it would be alright.
    What annoys me is when people text just say hi or sup, cause its not very engaging and you often feel the need not to text them back

  • cleo
    Posted on:
    16th Jul 2007 09:54pm

    cleo says: I think that now days, its really up to the owner of a mobile phone to decide what the right thing is for them. Everyone believes that they should be heard and that they have a right to do what they want. That's what causes problems with mobiles. People think they are right about something (e.g. a fight between friends, a small disagreement between two different sides) and they rationalize their actions with their opinion. Mobiles are a great thing to have, I got my first one from my parents as a form of defence against kidnappers etc. (my parents were a bit overprotective..) and it has been of great use to me, mobiles are a great way to contact someone for reassurance when you're nowhere near a payphone or a house phone, but this is when they are being used properly. I have had threatening or scary texts, but thats all they were and I got help with it and they stopped, what happened to them I don't know, but even if you experience the bad side of a mobile, you can turn to family, police, even your phone company and if you don't want to tell someone u can just buy a new sim card or whole phone.

  • Jacob971
    Posted on:
    17th Oct 2007 01:50pm

    Jacob971 says: In today's society it is generally acceptable to say most things in a txt that could be said over the phone.

    However, confidential information should not be passed through txts as it can be shown to many other people. Also it is not as accetable (although it does happen) to text message sensitive personal information, for example: breaking up with somebody, informing somebody of a death.

  • GalaB
    Posted on:
    4th Nov 2007 05:06pm

    GalaB says: Another decline in our society, is there something 'old fashioned' with manners, respect for others comes readily to mind. Not to mention the danger to other drivers, am continued to be amazed at the number of drivers using mobile phones, hands free equipment is readily available and the cost is negligible compared to the cost to human lives and vehicles. There is an off switch, run on silent with vibration should one be expecting a call. I would think after 21:00 would be too late to call someone, unless you are familiar with the bedtime habits and that person is close to you.
    It is not another appendage to my body, one can survive with it. Excellent for emergency situations, granted.
    Love thy neighbour as you would love yourself, if we all lived by this rule, the world would be a better place. Think before you act!

  • marianne
    Posted on:
    10th Nov 2007 06:22pm

    marianne says: I think that mobile phones can be a handy thing to have especially when you are meeting someone and they are late or even lost which is what has happened to me a couple of times. What I find annoying about them is when people text a message that only tells you a small amount of information so that you have to text back and ask them what they meant. I find this wasting money and time and the conversation would have been better if they'd made a phone call instead.

  • Gill
    Posted on:
    3rd Mar 2008 11:37pm

    Gill says: I think any news that is important to the party receiving it should be delivered through a more personal medium, rather than a text. This includes breaking up! It seems texting is has gained social acceptance as a means to communicate just about anything, anywhere, anytime, with little regard to how the recipient will feel when he/she read it. It is much more difficult to adjust the tone of a text than it is to moderate your voice. While I acknowledge that many circles of friends consider it acceptable to say anything at all via text, people need to remember that not everyone feels the same. Btw I text loads, but try to be thoughtful about content and time. I do want to keep all my friends!

  • farraboo
    Posted on:
    10th Dec 2011 02:48am

    Jacob971 says: These days I don't think there are many times when you shouldn't use them... Perhaps if you are alone with someone, or on a date though.

    I've always thought that after 9pm is too late to...

    farraboo says: annoying as they may be, I find them really good especially when you forget that you have a doctor's appt and you would of forgot if they hadn't text to remind you.

  • monkey
    Posted on:
    28th May 2007 10:25pm

    monkey says: mobile phones are a handy thing to have for the sake of contact with people in an emergency. and there would be a lot of people out there that owe their lives to a passer-by who happened to phone for an ambulance whilst they were having a heart attack, but having said that, some comon unspoken guide lines do apply to usage when in public.
    1. the entire train carraige does not need to know that you have a rash down there from last night, so lower your voice when using such devices.
    2. just because my phone is on all night doesnt mean i want you to call it at 3 in the morning. so respect other peoples sleeping times.
    3. not all people are up to date with mobile phone lingo. for example;"R U cumin 2 da club 2nite? F not whatz ^ wit dat?" i know we have to squeeze a message into the space of 150 characters or it will cost you double but come on guys, dont forget that if we cant understand the message, its going to cost you a call to explain it.

    and finally
    4. yes you have the latest mobile phone on the market, and it does everything but water your plants. but nobody wants to hear that damn annoying bobading ding ding crazy frog ringtone being blasted away on your phones maximum volume setting just because you think it sounds great, so have some manners and turn it down. what ever happened to ring ring? the times they are a changing. take care guys.

  • hoges
    Posted on:
    5th Jun 2007 06:39pm

    hoges says: Miz-Kaz is absolutely correct. Now, can you please tell everyone else about it?

  • Blackbird
    Posted on:
    7th Jun 2007 07:30am

    Blackbird says: HI Peter, being a mum myself, guilty of sending my daughter many a garbled text message, I would have to say, 'good on your mum.!" She's trying to stay cool and keep up with new technology and she obviously loves u very much, which is why my daughter gets texts from me.. :) :)

  • AnnieZ
    Posted on:
    7th Jun 2007 05:01pm

    AnnieZ says: I think calls are needless when a reply isn't necessary. It sounds so fundamental, but its so frustrating when you run and race for the phone, or run out of a meeting only to get an FYI. This is more common among young girls that go phone crazy at the slightest gossip, those with no voicemail such as myself (I know, my bad!), and businessmen who wish the message did go to voicemail. Each of them get the phone call and face an awkward silence, thinking "How do you answer that?!"

    My brother-in-law, for example, calls just to say "Your sister cooked this..." "I went to the shops and got this" "I'll be there in 5mins"... "I'll be there in 2mins"... "I'm outside"... It's nice to get informed, but if I don't need to know, and they don't need to tell me, then why? ... long story short, his bill is reaches $500/mth and I blame it on flagfall.

  • mustang6000
    Posted on:
    28th Sep 2008 06:59am

    monkey says: mobile phones are a handy thing to have for the sake of contact with people in an emergency. and there would be a lot of people out there that owe their lives to a passer-by who happened to phone...

    mustang6000 says: Totally agree. Why do you have to shout when on a mobile, it is so impolite in public space.

  • Miz_Kaz
    Posted on:
    29th May 2007 12:47am

    Miz_Kaz says: I have a mobile phone. Had one for quite a few years now. Not the first to get one, and never quite 'up with the Jones's' when it comes to these things. However, I was given one by my other half for safety reasons etc. Just upgraded a few months ago to one with a camera - now, that I like. The rest is just dressing.
    Turn the phone off if you're going out for a meal or a coffee with a friend - old or new. Shows them that you're interested in their company, not just as a buffer between phone calls. Mobile phones are no different to landline phones when it comes to when it is too late to phone! Any time after 8.30pm for a long call is waay too late - who likes missing the beginning of a good movie on tv or their favourite 1hr show. No matter how good a friend you are. Naturally, there are exceptions...Text messaging? anytime is a good time.

  • veegeeute
    Posted on:
    29th May 2007 06:40pm

    veegeeute says: Interesting and fairly hot topic!

    I have an all singing all dancing phone and it is great, my ring tone is actually the bell from an old fashioned phone because it is distinctive and can be easily heard above day to day background noise.
    Yes I hate the MP3 ring tones and I find they are often making a statement about the person who chose them which is fine in personal situations but highly inappropriate in a business setting.

    Regarding times to call? I think anytime from 7.30am to 9.00pm is acceptable and this also applies to SMS/Text messages as I don't turn my phone off at night and it sits on my bedside table on charge.

    If you send me an SMS when I am contactable by Voice I will ignore it until I chose to sit and flick through my messages which annoys people no end as they seem to think that it deserves instant attention which I don't believe is true.

    I do however feel that my phone is indispensable and feel naked in a sense when I do happen to leave it behind but I refuse to become a slave to my phone.

    Then there is the Camera phone................. I have an excellent 2 mega pixel Cam on my phone and I use it daily to snap items of interest from cars to stuff in stores which I dutifully dump onto my laptop at the end of the day, Awesome feature especially when they are decent quality pics.

    Finally my big beef regarding Phones is their lifespan, I always fine things like the buttons or screens die at roughly the 18 month mark and yet my contracts are often 2 years and yet again my current phone is displaying symptoms of old age at 18 months!
    It isnt a cheap phone and yet it still suffers from issues 3/4s of the way thru the contract.

    Is it a plot?

  • Zanna
    Posted on:
    29th May 2007 11:03pm

    Zanna says: Oh boy manners have certainly not caught up with this rapidly accelerating fad. The first thing that bothers me is people bragging and spending absurd amounts of time talking about their mobile phone. When I'm told it has bluetooth, wifi, gsm, a couple of games, voice recognition and realtones I instantly get bored, and when I ask what half of these features do I get stared at blankly. It's the "I don't know how to use it but it makes me look cool" attitude. If it's the first time I'm meeting someone and all they can do is talk about their phone it spells out "materialistic" to me.

    Worse yet is when friends - or anyone - are having a txt conversation while having a verbal conversation with me. They see me for the first time in 2 weeks, ask me how I've been and the moment I start speaking receive a txt. Rather than ignoring it for a whole 5 minutes until we've caught up a little they immediately read it and start pressing buttons to send a big long reply. Reading between the lines: "you're so boring to talk to after 2 seconds that I need to have another conversation too."

    Some of the people I know that are moby addicts also tend to get rude and angry if anyone, including myself, does not instantly reply to calls or messages. Too bad since I tend to accidentally leave my phone at home when I go out half the time if it's even switched on at all.

    And the one final axe to grind... people chatting to me on the phone while they go to the toilet. Need I say any more?! :\

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