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  • suz
    Posted on:
    18th Feb 2012 03:59pm

    Last Post 27th Aug 2012
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    Charity begins at home

    Being a disabled pensioner I give to a few charities that I can identify with personally. If only we all had more money to donate to the causes, but I think there comes a time when the gov't should put its hand up and donate to a broader spectrum of Australian charities.... What gets my goat?? Money sent overseas to help many many different causes. But what about us at home? Us Australians, It isn't just all the big cities with problems the smaller country towns have the homeless , poverty, Low income battlers who get help with one hand and then it gets taken back in another form of tax Maybe if the politicians gave their exorbitant pays rises back into charities that need help us Aussies might begin to think this is the lucky country of old

  • nanny
    Posted on:
    27th Aug 2012 02:48pm

    nanny says: I think its harder and harder to donate to charites as many people are struggling to make ends meet. If you have $5 in your purse at the end of the week you are going to keep it for bread and milk for your family rather than donate it to the poor door knocker collcting for their charity.Politicians and especially big business ceo's should take a paycut .What some of these people earn is obscene compared to the everyday worker its discusting

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