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  • chillipepper
    Posted on:
    14th Feb 2012 02:27pm

    Last Post 31st Jul 2013
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    Which came first the chicken or the egg??

    I'm having a huge debate with my wife about which came first,was it the chicken of was it the egg? can anyone out there shed some light on the subject? Reply

  • Gussie
    Posted on:
    21st Apr 2012 09:24pm

    Gussie says: The chicken has to come first, as without the chicken there can be no egg

  • rohni
    Posted on:
    15th Mar 2013 05:56pm

    rohni says: God must have created the chicken and then the eggs were laid. I thhink...

  • Jennyd
    Posted on:
    30th Mar 2013 06:55pm

    Jennyd says: I agree with the other responders. The chicken was created and given the ability to reproduce - egg

  • Sonnie
    Posted on:
    10th Jul 2013 05:40pm

    Sonnie says: If you believe in God, then it is the chicken that came first!

  • vhengence.payne
    Posted on:
    31st Jul 2013 05:31am

    vhengence.payne says: if u think of it from an evolution point of view the chicken is and evolved form of another animal hence the bird that laid the egg that produced the first chicken was not a chicken itself so the egg therefor came first just the same as the first mordern day human was born from its predesser

  • vhengence.payne
    Posted on:
    31st Jul 2013 05:44am

    vhengence.payne says: also not to knock others beliefs if you do believe in god creating the world and the fist man and women ect you should still be able to accept evolution to an extent for such things as god didn;t create the mule it was rather the cross breading between a horse and a donkey you don't need to believe in the whole humans come from primates thing but it has been proven that our intelligence and body structure has evolved and adapted from neanderthals to what we are today for the most part this has no bearing on the "creation" debate rather more a survival thing to be able to adapt to the world around us human or animal

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