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  • mummy
    Posted on:
    22nd Dec 2011 03:26pm

    Last Post 9th Jan 2013
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    I try to support the PCYC and the RSPCA when ever I can, because i love animals and our children, and i know charity starts at home but some times our community needs a helping hand when big days come up each year, eg; Easter and Christmas, i have four beautiful children, but they have lives of their own now and i totally enjoy giving even as little as i can aford, all helps those in need. Reply

  • mossie
    Posted on:
    17th Feb 2012 08:18pm

    mossie says: financially I can't afford to support charities, but I do volunteer at a local emergency food relief centre. It opened in 2006 and that's when I started volunteering. I still volunteer 2 days a week.. I also volunteer my services for royal children's hospital appeal every good friday.

  • Karsh
    Posted on:
    18th Feb 2012 09:08am

    Karsh says: I support the Mater Childrens Hospital in Brisbane, many years ago they saved the life of my handicapped granddaughter, I have supported them ever since. It might not be much as I am on a pension but as they say, every bit helps.

  • simla
    Posted on:
    21st Dec 2012 10:36am

    simla says: Hi mummy, a lot of people are not able to give much to charities, although they would like to. Or for that matter find it hard for all sorts of reasons, to give time. The thing is, if every one gave the smallest amount to their favourite charity or cause, ti would make a HUGE difference. Mine are World Vision, Community Aid Abroad, any of the Barefoot Doctor type organizations, Animal Rescue.Donate items to their shops helps in ways that don't actually cost you in terms of cash. Just look around the local tip and see what could have been recycled through a thrift shop if someone had thought before pitching it out!

  • bj
    Posted on:
    5th Jan 2013 07:50am

    bj says: I donate to Stroke foundation, Camp Quality, Menzies. Then if someone has a desperate neen and is fundraising I donate to them too. I stay away from overseas ones as a lot you donate never arrives to the ones who need it

  • macmelton
    Posted on:
    8th Jan 2013 10:56pm

    macmelton says: I support the Breast Cancer Council. My wife lost her life from breast cancer.nearly 2 years ago and it was a terrible death. From then on I have supported the Council in whatever way I can, mostly with money. I have been to talks about it and support the Council when I can. Ladies take care of your self and do your best with self examination and regular check ups with your that you don't go through what my wife went through. So support the Breast Council with the most or the least that you can and give other women a chance at life. Every dollar will help and without people like YOU, me and the other person near you this cannot happen on its own.

  • ianhnz
    Posted on:
    9th Jan 2013 08:45am

    ianhnz says: Supporting others, should start at home/
    The number of young people that live, at home and pay not board id discussing.
    They have to learn to give.
    As you give it will be given unto you.

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