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  • Roz
    Posted on:
    15th Jun 2011 10:41pm

    Last Post 21st Jan 2014
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    Local charities

    I always support local charities and causes. My next rule of "thumb" when it comes to donations is to contribute to whatever cause have affected my family, friends or myself. This has ended up being a lot. I do try to cover everything in a 12 month period because I am so grateful for the help that has been rended to people I know and are related to from various hospitals and organisations. I believe in giving back. All the groups my children were involved in are included also. Nothing exists without help these days and it is wonderful to think that so many people do care. Reply

  • mike632
    Posted on:
    18th Jun 2011 11:03pm

    mike632 says: I totally agree. Being a "charity case" myself in the land of the unemployed and determined to "make it " online still after 3-4 years of trying - I find the charity work I had no time for previously has a beneficial feeling of achievement. Even when I become independently wealthy that will continue even more so.

  • Rocky5
    Posted on:
    31st Aug 2012 10:31pm

    mike632 says: I totally agree. Being a "charity case" myself in the land of the unemployed and determined to "make it " online still after 3-4 years of trying - I find the charity work I had no time for...

    Rocky5 says: I am also a "charity case" in the land of unemployment and also have a disability. I am greatful that the government via centrelink supports me at this time. I chose to give to charities that support people through difficult times such as the homeless or the victoms of domestic violence. Even though times are tough for me now I am thankful to have a roof over my head and a warm bed and food every day. I know things could be worse for me and I am looking forward to a better future,

  • sprinkles
    Posted on:
    22nd Jun 2011 02:31pm

    sprinkles says: I supporrt AWARE wildlife group, they work really hard to look after our wildlife. They've helped me with injured seagulls and all sorts of birds, and baby ringtail possums too.

  • Joydy
    Posted on:
    24th Jun 2011 05:07pm

    Joydy says: Charity work helps both the giver and receiver - with win win situations. It is not easy asking for help but sometimes you just have too. But when you can give whether it be money or time you feel good about yourself. I help out at a local school with reading, although my children are all older and no longer at school. I also knit and give to the Knit One Give One program. DOesn't cost too much but makes me feel needed and useful. Also donate to different charities and I try to give to deserving charities that help others in need.

  • Opa
    Posted on:
    22nd Jul 2011 10:28am

    Opa says: Since I have retired from the workforce,I have done Volunteer work for a number of local Community Services. Last Year I Joined the local Lions Club,which is part of a great international organisations.What attracted me to it was the fact that all money raised is used to support needy causes & none of it goes into administration,as all members are volunteers & not professional fundraisers. I have the problem knowing how much of my donation really reaches the various causes that official aid agencies appeal for. I also just now inquired with Red Cross Australia how I might best help with volunteer work with them. I thoroughly agree with you that it is important to give back

  • White Crane
    White Crane
    Posted on:
    22nd Jul 2011 12:39pm

    White Crane says: Now that my income is much reduced (I work part-time) I made a decision that any charities I support are those mainly concerned with children or my way of thinking the children are our future..we maybe have not made such an excellent job in the world and I look to the children to make it better..therefore all support they can get as they grow up is important

  • Squeak
    Posted on:
    22nd Jul 2011 03:42pm

    Squeak says: I work full time and with so many charities demanding attention and many have hidden agendas, so I feel I must be informed before donating my money. I know of one prominent hospitality chain with their own charity that supports Christian camps for homosexual children to 'pray the gay away'. The thought I might inadvertently support something so against my views chills my blood.

    Without the time to be informed, however, I restrict myself to prominent charities or those I'm aware of, and I trust that most big charities have local groups working to help local people.

    That said, as a teacher I work constantly in my local community, and donate so much time outside of my working hours - which when I consider how much I get paid an hour, the time I donate is worth a lot (almost 20% on top of my working hours - each week - through 'breaks' like recess and lunch when I could be eating or using the toilet or sitting down for the first time all day).

    Parents who offer even a little bit of time here and there are so rare now - for our drama production, we had no parent volunteers so *teachers* bought and sewed the costumes, prepared the sets, designed, printed the programmes and tickets - everything.

    Parents who help support the school support their kids as they aim for bigger and brighter things are the greatest resource of any school.

  • dave
    Posted on:
    8th Apr 2012 10:18pm

    dave says: i always try and help out charities specialy cancer because it has been in my family

  • maz1976
    Posted on:
    30th Aug 2012 10:51am

    maz1976 says: my favourite charities are st vincent de paul and salvation army
    they do so much good for the community and help the needy.

  • slu
    Posted on:
    22nd Jul 2013 08:20pm

    slu says: My grandmother was a member of the Red Cross during the WW2 and my other grandmother assisted in her church so it has always been a female thing to help others. However, my boys were part of scouts from the age of 7 and it was instilled in them that life is a circle and if you help others, someday some one will help you. Even today, my 16yr old son is in the Emergency Services Cadets.

  • skydancer12
    Posted on:
    28th Jul 2013 10:35am

    skydancer12 says: I too support many of our local charities, as I have been given my life by the RCH and other hospitals but I also support many Overseas causes, from sewing for third World Countries, to packing shoe boxes with 'goodies' and now I'm making charm bracelets for girls in Africa, India, etc:. I'd be lost without my volunteer work and causes. Check out a Website called 'CLICK TO, a great cause, diverse cause and so easy to do. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALL OF YOU.

  • wendel
    Posted on:
    21st Jan 2014 11:10am

    wendel says: I only support Australian charities, you hear so much about only a small amount of gifted moneis gets to where it's meant to overseas.

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