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  • davidc1956
    Posted on:
    14th Apr 2011 10:26am

    Last Post 16th Dec 2012
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    Drinking at night clubs and bars, how to control it

    I,m just about feedup with the persons in power telling me that they have no power over controling the abuse of Alcohol, Bull#@%). The soultion is to create a drinking card that can be purchased at Bars, Clubs, Hotels, etc with the proof of ID and to have a computer system in place that allows the card to be monitored on how many drinks the person has had, Once the card runs out that it for another 15 Hours. and you can only buy one, If you lose it the software at any drinking place will see that you have purchased one or not, and if you have it will be reissued with the drink count brought up to date and you go on once again, But you can not purchase another one for at leaset 15 Hours. Reply

  • Miss Prim
    Miss Prim
    Posted on:
    18th Apr 2011 10:26pm

    Miss Prim says: Bring back the drinking age to 21 years old. I was in the army as a teenager but I could not have a drink, although we used to sneak one on camp only. There was no problems with drink as we knew we could not drink when we went out but it did not stop us from enjoying ourselves. There were no drugs about in my crowd but we used to have so much fun all the same. Wish the driving licence age was higher too, as there would be less deaths as the young drivers are too eager to get out on the open road with little experience.

  • Doc
    Posted on:
    19th Apr 2011 07:44am

    Doc says: I feel we need to seriously consider taking the opening hours of licenced premises back to 12 hrs only 10 am to 10 pm.

  • MandM
    Posted on:
    19th Apr 2011 06:20pm

    MandM says: Imposing restrictions just encourage people to become rebellious. If someone can't do what they want to do in one place, they will find it somewhere else. If we want people to control their drinking, we need to work out why they do it in the first place, and address that problem. Imagine someone running out of drinks on their card, they aren't just going to go, ah well, I will just wait another 10 hours. They are potentially going to abuse the bar staff, or sneak it in, buy it somewhere else etc.

  • Proteus
    Posted on:
    2nd Jul 2011 12:46pm

    Proteus says: I would personally say that it's time to re-enforce the drinking age back to 21, change the hotel opening hours back to reasonable hours instead of almost 24/7, as well as the voting age. No matter what penalties the courts are dishing out to the offenders etc., ti doesn't make any difference, they seem to think "it's just a fine so what?" There's no good in creating drinking cards etc., all this does in make the govt more money, and they already make approx 75% in taxes from alcohol and cigs etc.,.

  • victor
    Posted on:
    20th Jul 2011 03:09am

    victor says: they should just ban all these unhealthy activities alltogether for the sake of the residence rather than thinking about the benefits they get from it.

  • Marisela
    Posted on:
    16th Aug 2011 07:44am

    Marisela says: unfortunately I feel that cards wont work. What happens when people start buying up other people's cards? buying cards all week then spending them on one night? what about shouting your friends? or girlfriends? or a work party? It is the cultural acceptability of drunken weekends, spewing up in the street is an adventure and a 'good on you mate' for shacking up with that girl you couldn't talk to til you were both dead drunk, sort of attitude. its totally disheartening

  • annie
    Posted on:
    11th Oct 2011 12:33pm

    annie says: There is too much drinking going on on saturday and sunday nights especially with young teenagers and young people.I think all pubs and clubs should close at midnight.

  • Lone_Rooster
    Posted on:
    11th Oct 2011 03:54pm

    Lone_Rooster says: The problem with the "drinking card" is that a 'Mate' who does not drink will get a card and then pass it over to his pissed buddy, who will then be able to consume 30 drinks. Also, the other problem with the "card" is that 15 Spirit drinks is a lot more potent than 15 beers/wines.
    Besides, the drinking of alcohol at clubs is often not the problem there are a lot of young drinkers who get smashed before they enter these premises and then continue drinking.
    I suggest that the clubs close att 1pm and pubs close at 10pm, extended licenses allowed for pubs with bands. This way there is less time to drink at the venue and there will be more drinking back at the individuals house. that way they can get messy at home rather than in the street rather than in front of some poor neighbour of the pub/club.
    Also, I think there should be an alcohol probationary period, 18 - 30 years Beer & wines only, 30+ Drinking of Spirits allowed plus beer and wine.

  • Sammbo
    Posted on:
    16th Dec 2012 09:41pm

    Sammbo says: Too much... too soon.
    They are not prepared for it and can't handle itr!

    Reduce the opening hours!
    Increase the drinking age!

    The only people that will hurt are the club owners, who do not give a stuff anyway!

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