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  • Karen
    Posted on:
    17th Mar 2011 12:05am

    Last Post 19th Apr 2011
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    The margaret river coal mining debate!

    I'm absolutely appalled at this Liberal Government (Colin Barnett) for trying to force this on the residents of Margaret River. The area is known for it's pristine wine region and to even consider coal mining would be disastrous for the region.

    I hope there's enough support to stop this madness. It's time to stop coal mining full-stop and also stop any thoughts of nuclear power in this great country of ours - especially after the recent Japanese disaster of the century - with record breaking earthquakes, Tsnami's and Nuclear melt-downs. Reply

  • flossy
    Posted on:
    18th Apr 2011 10:19pm

    flossy says: totally agree

  • leurina
    Posted on:
    19th Apr 2011 11:24am

    leurina says: would have to say I totally agree, Margaret River has always been known for its ecofriendly outlook and its cheeses, yoghurts and its wines are world famous, why would anyone want to destroy that

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