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  • Hillicent
    Posted on:
    16th Feb 2011 04:46pm

    Last Post 13th Nov 2011
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    Wheelchair access

    I wonder which category this belongs in?
    Life in a wheelchair certainly makes you notice steps, narrow pathways, and steepnesses around the city ... make that the world! (Not to mention that wheelchair loos are often few and far between.)
    Maybe I'm just a spoilt babyboomer, who wants open access everywhere just like before the wheelie thing. But I also think that accessibility creates good design for everyone, including kids, mums with prams, and anyone a bit wobbly on their feet.
    And hands up who hasn't been so drunk they battered and bruised themselves falling up/down stairs! Reply

  • anna
    Posted on:
    28th Mar 2011 08:02pm

    anna says: I often think of how the wheelchair bound people, also prams, motorised vehicles & push thingos get by. We take it for granted that as single aisle one can get through, but any wider it is limited at times. I thought that loos had to have a disabled one now, if you find otherwise, pls complain to the powers that be in that area. You are not asking too much just speaking for all others in this situation. Access should be a priority when planning any area.

    Posted on:
    8th Aug 2011 08:31am

    NEEDA says: I'm happy to know that there are a lot of wheelchair access around now ,unlike some years back, even hotels have wheelchair friendly accomodations nowadays and it really help people get on with their everyday things easily not only for the disabled but everyone in particular. Businesses should really think about putting wheelchair access seriously and prioritized them as well.

  • rachaelc
    Posted on:
    13th Nov 2011 01:13pm

    rachaelc says: I didn't realise how wheelchair-unfriendly Sydney is until I ventured out with my first child in a pram without the car. Railway stations (both getting on and off trains, and also stations with no lift or ramp), narrow aisles, offices/retail with doors that are difficult to open with one hand, dirty public toilet/changerooms. Not a good reflection on us as a society.

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