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  • Cassa
    Posted on:
    23rd Sep 2011 09:10am

    Last Post 21st Feb 2012
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    I was allways taught to see the good in people, give them the benefit of the doubt and be honest.
    5 years of dating only to find out hes been seeing his exgirlfriend all the time and even though they are now in business together he is still contacting me. I have only just found all this out and have discontinued the relationship.

    Question is, what makes a person like this tick as I cant get my head around it.

    He came to a weekend wedding with me a few months ago before I found out. Go figure. Reply

  • kjgirl
    Posted on:
    20th Oct 2011 01:02pm

    kjgirl says: It sounds to me like he wants his cake and eat it too, you should break off contact with him altogether he is not worth it.

    He was not meant for you but I'm sure that there is someone special waiting out there just for you so just be patient.

  • pet
    Posted on:
    21st Oct 2011 09:59pm

    pet says: He seems to me to be very insecure, unsure of himself and what he wants, hurting others is part of his attention seeking. There is a name for men like him... judas. Do the right thing stay clear of him you will find Mr right out there in time, but make sure you study him before you except him goodluck Cassa and all the best for you and your new love.

  • crocdundee
    Posted on:
    27th Oct 2011 06:19pm

    crocdundee says: Cassa your best idea is to drop him like a ton of bricks and start again there are plenty more fish in the sea and this is just a learning curve you go through and i should know having had 3 engagements and am on my third marriage.Its been a hard way to find love and a good partner but every time you gain experience and learn to look for signs that tell you some thing is wrong in a relationship

  • yakuza3355
    Posted on:
    18th Feb 2012 12:01am

    yakuza3355 says: Try not to let this experience taint you.
    REMEMBER, everything happens for
    a reason....maybe that reason
    could be to work out why many
    people behave in that manner or any
    other thousands of reasons.
    And, remember what you were
    taught and stay true to yourself.
    I wish you all the best and good
    luck in your life...

  • Leeming
    Posted on:
    21st Feb 2012 11:55am

    Leeming says: hes was a dishonest person 2 you....i say thats the 1 that u left him cause theres plenty more honest fish in the sea.....dont dwell your sadness of loss ova him.....put your head up high an enjoy life cause u will come across a good man 1day.

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