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  • phoenix
    Posted on:
    7th Sep 2010 03:59pm

    Last Post 5th Oct 2015
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    does any one: have,like,dislike or considered getting tattoo'd? or simply don't care? Reply

  • Nita
    Posted on:
    4th Oct 2011 12:01pm

    Nita says: I love the Scorpio tatt, that's my starsign. I'm 41 and have always wanted a tattoo, I will get a little inconspicuous one before I die. My daughters who turns 16 in 3 weeks is getting one and I'm fine with it. I think tatts look really good, the only ones I don't like are the ones that take up half a body or something.

  • phoenix
    Posted on:
    15th Oct 2011 07:31pm

    Nita says: I love the Scorpio tatt, that's my starsign. I'm 41 and have always wanted a tattoo, I will get a little inconspicuous one before I die. My daughters who turns 16 in 3 weeks is getting one and I'm...

    phoenix says: not wanting to burst the bubble but not a scorpio tatt :) just a scorpion :)

  • phoenix
    Posted on:
    15th Oct 2011 07:32pm

    phoenix says: woo hoo 15 :) tatts now

  • astrokat
    Posted on:
    16th Oct 2011 10:30pm

    astrokat says: I've always wanted a little dragon on my back and a ladybug on my ankle, but never had the guts to go through with it :-(

  • SuzieQue
    Posted on:
    18th Oct 2011 07:25pm

    SuzieQue says: Love tattoos, have 10 myself and getting more

  • ritaromi
    Posted on:
    20th Oct 2011 11:56am

    ritaromi says: I personally don't like tattoos except cosmetic, medical, identification purpose. People should not have it casually as it is very expensive and painful to remove it. Tattoos are associated with yakuza in Japan, and people with tattoos are openly banned from entering swimming pools, gyms and bathhouses.
    I have seen a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful gown. It is a shame tattoos seem to take elegance away from the beautiful gowns.

  • PGS
    Posted on:
    20th Oct 2011 05:14pm

    PGS says: I had the offer to get free ones when I was 17 - didn't bother.
    As I live part time OS, I considered getting that address tattooed in the local language somewhere out of sie, but could be found if I was in an accident.
    So far, haven't bothered with that, either. The idea has merit, but I'm not sure I want it there permanently.

  • Amy
    Posted on:
    21st Nov 2011 11:16am

    Amy says: I have 1 tattoo and would consider getting more, I think they are a very personal form of art and do need to mean something important to the individual. I plan on having my children's names incorporated to my next one.

  • Aliyaraya
    Posted on:
    21st Nov 2011 10:12pm

    Aliyaraya says: They are okay while your young but what about when you get old. I don't like tatoos because people forget that when you get older your skin shrinks and wrinkles and they don't look nice anymore.

  • phoenix
    Posted on:
    28th Nov 2011 06:47pm

    phoenix says: Well even when I'm old I will still like them, as my eyesight will probably be so bad it will look just as good as the day I got them all :)

  • Starlite5
    Posted on:
    29th Dec 2011 08:58pm

    Starlite5 says: I don't mind tats on other people but I wouldn't get one myself, it's too permanent for my liking and as I like change it would annoy the crap out of me knowing that there wasn't much I could do about it once I got it...

  • goanna
    Posted on:
    3rd Jan 2012 11:09pm

    goanna says: I hate tattoos and think they look ugly. Just imagine how a person will look when they age with a wrinkly tattoo showing on their bodies. In my opinion it cheapens women, no matter what age they are. Big mistake if partners have their girlfriends or wives name printed on their bodies, only to move into another relationship with the ex' name showing. Not good at all.

  • verity
    Posted on:
    4th Jan 2012 03:18pm

    verity says: Yes I am 49 yrs old and have 2 small tattoo's which I got over 20yrs ago .
    Then it was taboo for woman, now its fashionable.

  • Nyse
    Posted on:
    9th Jan 2012 08:36am

    Nyse says: I personally dislike tattoos, I think for women they cheapen them and aren't very classy. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman dressed in a really classy outfit and then seeing a tattoo on her ankle or back, it totally destroys the whole look. Think about how ugly they will look as a person gets older.

  • narenat28
    Posted on:
    10th Jan 2012 06:23am

    narenat28 says: I am 28 and only have 3 of them, my first ever is on my shoulder and I will never forget the pain. That would be though because the person doing it was learning and I wanted to be the one to have the privilidge of getting the 1st done from him, he also done my 2nd and I had my third done from an uncle. I love them all, they are Ta Moko and I plan to get more in the future, as they say tattoo in general are addictive. I never thought it was possible but a fact that I have to solely agree on

  • Ziggy
    Posted on:
    17th Jan 2012 02:03pm

    Ziggy says: I have 7 tattoo's the only one's you can see are on my ear's. I am in the process of having them removed, not because I don't like them it's the reaction of some people that meet you, I have a Diploma in Hospitality Management and don't think the look for a manager includes ear tattoo's I'm 48 years old and got them when I was 20 and a stay at home mother. I like tattoo's on other's and myself.

  • Smiley Ky
    Smiley Ky
    Posted on:
    18th Jan 2012 10:02am

    Smiley Ky says: I find tattoo's to be a work of art. I have a big one stretching over my shoulder & back (aka shoulder plate) & it's tasteful & I get plenty of positive comments about it. Others just get a tattoo for the sake of it, to fit in, etc. I don't think many people appreciate a good work of art on the body.
    For a laugh Google - Images, worst tattoo's.

  • mumma
    Posted on:
    1st Feb 2012 10:37pm

    mumma says: I have always wanted a tattoo, i just haven't had the chance to go do it i want my sons names and my younger brother that passed i just need to work out how i want it done and how bad to they hurt

  • narelle
    Posted on:
    2nd Feb 2012 12:43pm

    narelle says: no a pretty site

  • kyliemc4
    Posted on:
    18th Feb 2012 01:24pm

    kyliemc4 says: i love tattoos but only when it comes to a person who knows what they are doing i had an 18 yr old man tattoo my 13 yr old daughter and it is on her leg and its suppose to be the southern cross but it looks terrible

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